WELCOME to the official website of the Bailliage National de Malte.

The Bailliage is the Malta branch of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, the international gastronomic association which has its international headquarters in Paris. The Chaîne originated in France in 1248 under King Louis IX later known as St. Louis and was reconstituted to its present form in 1950.

The aim of the Chaîne in general and of the Malta Bailliage in particular is to bring together both professional members of the catering industry and non-professionals, who appreciate and have a mutual interest in cuisine, wines and fine dining.

Professional Chaîne members who run or manage hotels and restaurants will be eligible to display the Chaîne logo at their establishment and become acknowledged for their high standard throughout the world via the organisation website.

The Bailliage was originally sponsored by the Bailliage National de Bavaire and officially launched in Malta in the presence of The President of the Republic and a number of senior Government Ministers in April 1980.

The first Bailli of the Bailliage was the late Chevalier Gino Miceli and the Chancelier HE Marquis Anthony Butigieg de Piro. Other founder members included the late Chevalier Paddy Stubbs whose widow, Commandeur Dame de la Chaîne Janatha Stubbs MBE MOM, is still an active member of the Bailliage.

The present Administrative Council was set up in July 2006 following the appointment of Chevalier Colin A. Best, as Bailli Délégué, by the President of the Chaîne M. Yam Attallah.